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Jail Ministry

Community Faith Partners’ Jail Ministry provides an opportunity to offer support, care, and hope to inmates in Tompkins County Jail. CFP Jail Ministry began in 1999. Since then, we have given more than 1000 Bibles to the inmates. We also provide hope through the Holistic Hardware endeavor. This curriculum, created by Joseph Holland, is designed to promote self-help with the assistance of community mentors. 

Holding Hands Up High

Holistic Hardware

The tools of holistic hardware are designed to help people who want to help themselves. Using time-tested principles, biblical and real-life role models, dramatic sketches, and inspirational testimonies, Holistic Hardware focuses on what Joe Holland calls “the ten tools of effective compassion.” This program has been classified as the inmates’ favorite. 

Are you ready to join the team of mentors for Holistic Hardware to help men and women in our Tompkins County Jail? 

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