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For regular updates on events all throughout the community, we suggest subscribing to "Christian Calendar." This is not managed by CFP, but it is a great email list that promotes different events all the time. "Christian Calendar" is a free e-mail network, a service provided to the Christian community in the Finger Lakes region to promote local Christian events.

To sign up for the list, please send an e-mail to with only the word "subscribe" in the header.

General Rules for the Christian Calendar Free E-mail service:

Our main restrictions on notice publications are this:



We publish only Nonprofit Christian events that are open to the general public.

We do not publish personal prayer requests, advertisements, solicitations, Classified or Political ads, Business or personal profit event promotion, individual requests, or anything morally inappropriate.

We reserve the right to not publish any event submitted for any reason.

In deference to the many churches that use our service, we will not publish meeting notices that fall on Sundays during normal service hours.



We strongly suggest you send your meeting information in a Public Service Announcement (PSA) Format, which simply means you should give the following info:


Name of event

Location (including street address)
Date & Time of event
A brief description of the event 
 (whose invited, the purpose or goal of the event, etc)
Any special details 
 (i.e. bring a lawn chair, food vendor available,

adult supervision required, etc)
Contact info (phone, e-mail)



Notices may be withheld from publication if they lack the necessary information, or are not submitted by someone authorized by the event sponsor to do so. Notices with attachments or heavily imbedded with html files or picture files may not be possible to send out due to the limits set by our server. Notices that are somehow garbled or contain misspelled words, incorrect dates, oversized fonts, unreadable color schemes, or any other such problems will not be sent out.


We will only publish notices for meetings that are held in the central NY area.. We will not publish “itinerary” notices for traveling ministries that range beyond our region or include multiple weekends of meetings at different locations. We also ask that people refrain from sending multiple notices for the same meeting unless there is some substantial change in the information submitted.


In most cases we will only send out ONE notice for any meeting.


Once we receive your notice, we will publish it to our address list. You should time your request - say 2-3 weeks before the date - for publication.  
Thanks for your interest - Lord bless your event!

Pastor  Chip Adams- Compton


ChristianCalendar2000 is a free E-mail information service provided to the Christian Community in the Central NY region.

It's purpose is to distribute, through e-mail, calendar information and updates concerning church events in our area.

If you have an event you want to announce, please send your info to:  Thank you. James (Chip) Adams-Compton

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